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Golden Visa Portugal 2021 – Ultimate Guide by Experts

Since 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa allows non-EU/EEA citizens to apply for a special resident permit in exchange for a 5-year suitable investment into Portugal. This program has allowed more than 25,000 non-EU citizens to obtain a Portuguese residency permit.

In November 2018, Portugal launched the Golden Visa by capital transfer in a regulated investment fund. Therefore, an investor can obtain his Golden Visa by acquiring units of a fund for an amount of €350,000. As of January 01st, 2022, the investment amount required will increase to a minimum of €500,000.

This amount is invested for a minimum of 5 years and, at least 60% of the investment must be made in commercial companies with registered office in Portugal.



By comparison to the standard real estate option, the golden visa by investment fund offers the following advantages:

  • hassle-free alternative
  • a lower upfront capital transfer
  • simpler investment process
  • no client management effort
  • diversification of investment
  • higher certainty on the value of the underlying assets
  • more flexible disinvestment process after 5 years
  • no tax trigger similar to the one that the client needs to bear when acquiring a property, such as the transfer tax, stamp duty and annual municipal tax.


To be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Be a non-EU/EEA/Swiss national
  • Make and maintain a qualified investment for five years
  • Have no history of criminal records
  • Meet the minimum stay requirements of 7 days for the first year and 14 days for the subsequent 2 years
  • Enter Portugal with a valid Schengen visa


  • Visa-free travel to the entire 26-country Schengen zone
  • Permanent residency and citizenship access after 5 years as legal Golden Visa residents – Dual citizenship permitted
  • Minimal physical presence required (7 days for the first year and 14 days in each subsequent 2-year periods)
  • Spouse, dependent children, and parents may be included in the Golden Visa application
  • Live and work in one of the most peaceful countries in the world
  • Study in world-class international schools and universities
  • Excellent health care system
  • Favorable taxation for non-habitual residents