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What is the portuguese Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a Citizenship by investment program which allows non-EU/EEA citizens to obtain Portuguese residency and citizenship through an investment of €350,000 or more our regulated MPL2 private equity fund offered at Monarque Funds. Those who hold a Portuguese Golden Visa are granted the freedom to live, work and study in Portugal and throughout Europe as well.

*Please note that the investment amount required will increase to a minimum of €500,000 in 2022, due to a change in the legislation.*


The Portuguese Golden Visa offers it’s applicants a great number of benefits:

  • Applicants may include their spouse, dependent children, and parents in their Golden Visa application.
  • Applicants’ family can too have access to world class international and Portuguese schools and universities.
  • Portugal is truly a wonderful place to reside with your family. It is ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world as it offers the best quality of life with a low crime rate. Additionally, the applicant and their family can gain access to an excellent health care system.
  • After five years, applicants are also eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Dual citizenship is permitted for applicants.
  • The investor will receive favorable taxation for non-habitual residents.
  • At least 60% of the investment must be made in commercial companies with registered office in Portugal.


Did you know that after holding a valid golden visa for 5 years, the investor can apply for the portuguese citizenship?

It is now definitely proven that, after the completion of the five-year Golden Visa Program, all applicants are eligible to obtain Portuguese citizenship. The first foreign investor request was approved in December 2019 by the Portuguese Civil registry.